A brief history of opera

An entertaining hour-long whirlwind tour through the canon from opera’s first inklings presented by Charlotte Coggin


12th June – Hull Jubilee Hall at 6.15pm

This session aims to demystify opera, explaining why opera sounds like opera and the popular conventions that have led to the classic opera sound today. We will explore the nuts and bolts of what literally makes up an opera, the voices used, the use of languages, where opera came from and it’s development over the last four hundred years.

In a time where the general public wouldn’t necessarily attend an opera but popular adoration for stars like Katherine Jenkins and Alfie Boe sells millions of albums and theatre tickets, the question is why this type of singing can stir up such emotions within us. Taking time to look at musical examples from popular operas from different times in history the audience will examine why these examples where so influential and where they fit in the story of opera. Audience members can expect a whistle stop but informative tour through opera magic delivered in an inclusive and engaging way.


Charlotte Coggin – Presenter

Audience Reaction

“I thought the speaker was excellent and very interesting.”
“Congratulations to Charlotte Coggin the speaker last night. She was absolutely brilliant and know I’m not the only one who thought so. She was a fantastic speaker, witty and easy to listen to and certainly got her explanations across in a simple way.”

This event was made possible with the generous support of Absolutely Cultured.

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