Crocodile 2021


“CROCODILE is an innovative new national organisation which provides a safe space for local people to live out their fantasies and desires. Security is paramount since we offer rooms with online access to the public along with our private spaces.

Be the real you at CROCODILE.”

HUO Crocodile review


For those who like their entertainment a little darker, HUO presents an innovative collaboration between exciting young opera team (composer Lente Verelst & librettist Lena Vercauteren) and Hull-based artist and animator, Anna Bean.

NB. Enter at your own risk. HUO cannot accept any responsibility for incidents arising from your engagement.


Voicework by
Poppy Shotts, soprano
Joanna Gamble, mezzo
Alex Grainger, tenor
Neil Balfour, bass-baritone

Concept by Russell Plows
Music by Lente Verelst
Libretto by Lena Vercauteren
Animation by Anna Bean
Web development by George Gooden

Directed by Russell Plows
Musical Direction by Hans Vercauteren
Mixed by Rich Aitken


“A little bit Punch & Judy and a little bit The Shining, it’s a very dark but also very clever a capella micro-opera using all kinds of vocal effects. Well worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch” – Alexandra Coghlan, opera critic

This production was made possible with the generous support of Arts Council England and City Arts, Hull

Sincere thanks to our Pay-It-Forward sponsors including Mark Duville, Claire Sizer, Christine Watershcoot, Gertjan De Muyter and Samuel Hindmarsh

Hull Urban Opera