Hull Urban Opera is Yorkshire’s professional immersive opera company

“… out of this world. Unlike anything you’ve seen before”

Christopher Holmes – Reviews Hub

Experience new opera from the inside
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Learn new skills in immersive opera performance and receive free coaching in singing and stagecraft. We’ll even pay your bus fare!

“The Party” is over!

“The piece is out of this world. Unlike anything you’ve seen before… this brilliant and bonkers immersive experience.”

Chris Holmes, Reviews Hub

“Went to see this tonight, we thought it was fab! It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is the best modern opera I’ve seen.”

Audience feedback

“… this fantastic production. I’ve been in many projects in Hull and this was one of the best.”

Volunteer feedback

on Now TV

by Lente Verelst & Lena Vercauteren

“A little bit Punch & Judy and a little bit The Shining, it’s a very dark but also very clever a capella micro-opera using all kinds of vocal effects. Well worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch” – Alexandra Coghlan, opera critic.

Our animated Punch & Judy opera was free to view on Sky Arts in the original dark web version featuring Poppy Shotts, Joanna Gamble, Alex Grainger & Neil Balfour and is now available to view on Now TV. It is directed by Russell Plows with animation by Anna Bean & music by Lente Verelst.

Crocodile by Lente Verelst

About HUO and Immersive Opera

Hull Urban Opera takes a fresh view on what opera is, where it happens, who takes part and who watches.

Hull Urban Opera was formed in Hull City of Culture year 2017 by Russell Plows with Ben Newton as Music Director. As Artistic Director, Russell continues to make a case for opera as a universal artform and one which can be enjoyed by any member of society.

Our innovative approach seeks to imagine opera anew with each project. We have presented opera as a guided ghost tour, a mindfulness event, an act of personal storytelling, and we continue to push at the boundaries of what consitutes an operatic work.

HUO presents immersive opera with no barrier between audience and performer. Audience members inhabit the space of action and experience the environment as the performers do. This creates the intimacy and immediacy which powers the journey we make with our audiences.

Our communities can now really experience a new opera from within by working with us as volunteer performers. HUO believes in the raw power and authenticity of community voices and they are an important force and colour within our new work.

HUO is community-led via continual input and feedback from East Yorkshire people who are volunteers, Ambassadors, voluntary performers and audience members. Suggestions are encouraged and those which gain critical mass go on to become HUO Live or HUO Digital projects.

Our work is designed to have a broad appeal via imaginative responses to topical subjects and high-quality production values & performance. Our audiences have comprised more young people recently and future work will focus on children and older people.

Hull Urban Opera