Christmas Meeting

6-8 December 2017

A new opera by Russell Plows after the story by Rosemary Timperley.

Listen to the whole opera here


Dec 6th, 7th & 8th 2017 at three venues in Hull. Recorded at Trinity Methodist Church in Hull.

In an effort to give as many Hull people as possible the opportunity to experience live opera for free, HUOC toured a 15-minute production of a brand new opera to three areas of Hull – a community centre on the Thornton Estate, the Brain Jar, a trendy bar in central Hull and Trinity Methodist Church, a working church and new venue in Hull’s thriving Arts scene.

Russell Plows’ adaptation of Rosemary Timperley’s ghost story explores the theme of loneliness at Christmas. A middle-aged woman in a worn-out rented room expects to spend Christmas Day alone, when a mysterious young man bursts in, convinced the room is his. Created for two singers and an orchestra of five, the opera offers an intimate and touching alternative to Christmas fare.


Joanna Gamble – The Woman
Alex Grainger – Francis Randel, a young writer

Russell Plows – Director
Ben Newton – Conductor
Lucy Thomson-Smith – Stage Manager

Some audience reaction

“I’ve never been to an opera before and always turn them off when on BBC2 or BBC 4… but this was great! Accessible and enjoyable. Hope to see you perform again.”
“beautifully sung and played”
“wonderful to hear a new opera, and in Hull”
“Hull needs to see and hear more urban opera”

This production was made possible with the generous support of Brent Gormandy, Max Brockbank, Yolande Burgin, Dilip Lakhani, Wendy Leewood, Sema Mustafa, Ruth Chapman, Sandra Donaldson, Peter Whittle, Jan van der Walt, Simon David Potter, Sheila Poole, Shannon Krizo Lowther, Tim O’Donovan, Hannah Young, Lee Torain, Susan Verney, Andrew Bryant, Pater Mavromatis, Frances Hughes, Lee Jonas, Davide Duran, Hermann Maier, Melanie Acres, Kate Hillesdon, Antonia Moxham, Graham King, Bronwen Taylor and Bernard Hughes.
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