Opera Favourites #1

14 December 2018

A Christmas collection of opera favourites inside Hull’s swing-bridge.


14 December 2018 at Scale Lane Bridge, Hull.

The third in a series of informal quarterly concerts this time focusing on popular operatic repertoire. The concert allowed the audience to programme its own evening with a show of hands as the performers offered themed alternatives.


Performed by Poppy Shotts, Beth Mackay, Alex Grainger and Eugene Dillon-Hooper
Accompanied by Ben Newton

Some audience reaction

“Enthusiasm and professionalism”
“Great to see home-grown talent”
“Great voices and good acoustics”
“I liked the quality of music and audience participation”
“It was a fun introduction to opera”

This production was made possible with the generous support of Hull City Council and Patience & Michael Vince

Hull Urban Opera