Brain Jar Menu

Sides or Small Plates

Chubby Dough Balls & Aioli Dip £2.5
Focaccia Wedges, Extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic – £2.5 (Ve)
Marinated Olives– £3.95 (Ve)
Buffalo Chicken Wings – brined and oven roasted, these wings come with a drizzle of buttered garlicky franks chilli sauce, creamy dolchellate dip, and refreshing celery. £7.5
Nduja melt – Spicy spreadable sausage from Calabria gently warmed by candle. Order with dough balls, focaccia or use as a crust dipper! £5.95
Roast Potato Wedges – twice roasted with garlic aioli £2.95
Mixed Salad – dressed mix of romaine, semi dried toms, red onion, and olives. £2.95
Dips – £1
red onion jam / garlic Aioli/ Caesar dressing / vegan chive dip/chilli oil/mushroom ketchup/chilli jam.

Flat breads Sandwiches or Salads (You decide!) Big or Small now available!

Chicken Sandwich – herbed garlic and lemon chicken breast, prosciutto, Applewood smoked cheddar, red onion jam – £4.95 or £9 00
Hully Cheese Steak – Thinly sliced Beef steak roasted with onion, piquante peppers and mozzarella, plus a dollop of garlic aioli and a handful of Rocket – £4.95 or £9
Garlic Mushroom – spinach, portobello mushrooms, Vegan Moz, vegan aioli £4.95 or £9 (Ve)
Waldorf – Romaine, Walnuts, Celery, apple, grapes, vegan aioli dressing £4.95 or £9 (Ve)

Pizza Roman Style!

Wacky Garlic Parmesan Bread & Aioli– £5.5
Margherita – fior di latte, extra virgin olive oil, tomato and basil. The pizza of pizza
connoisseurs – £7.25 (vegan available)
The Queen – Buffalo Mozzarella, san mazarno Tomatoes, Semi dried toms – Green pesto £9 (vegan available)
Smoked Salmon – cheese base, goatscheese, smoked salmon, semi-dried tomato, garlic butter, lemon slice – £9.5
Posh Ham and Mushroom – Prosciutto, roasted mushroom, and black truffle oil £8.5 (vegan available)
Pepperoni – You may have heard of this one. Lots of pepperoni on a margherita base. £8.5
(Vegan simulation available)
Nduja – Nduja, semi dried tomatoes and fior di latte £9
Breakfast Pizza – Brined Chicken, prosciutto, goats cheese, rocket, liquid egg yolk, smoked chilli oil £9
That Cheese burger pizza – Minced beef, Marg base, onion, gherkins, burger sauce – £8.5 (Vegan available!)
Roasted Cauliflower Cheese – Cheesy sauce, vegan cheese Roasted Cauliflower, activated walnut, Semi Toms and olives £9 (VEGAN as standard)
American Dreams – Brain Jar BBQ sauce, fior di latte, chicken, prosciutto, red onion, piquante peppers £9.5 (Vegan available)
Smelly Kev – chicken, prosciutto ham, mushroom, red onion, garlic oil, on a garlic margherita base – £9.5 (Vegan now available)
The Ring of Fire – Jalapenos, Ndjua, chorizo, fior di latte, Carolina reaper sprinkle. Glass of milk. Vinyl gloves. £11.5
Crust Dipping Sauces – £1
red onion jam / garlic Aioli/ vegan chive dip/chilli oil/mushroom ketchup/siracha
Feel free to request extra toppings – 50p or £1

Gelato & Sorbet

– Vanilla, Chocolate, Amarena Cherry, and Verde Lemon Sorbet
1 Scoop –- £1.5
2 Scoop –- £2.5
3 Scoop –- £3.5
6 Scoop — £6.5

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